Bike Fit

We offer a comprehensive bike fitting service at our studio on Team Valley.
 Our bike fitter Nev has years of experience and a background in biomechanics and sports massage. This, coupled with years of riding every kind of bike possible and competing at a national and international level in Time Trials means he really understands how to make you at one with your bike. 
Whether you are a tester who wants to be faster, a triathlete who wants to run better off the bike or an occasional  rider who just wants to be more comfortable then a bike fit will most definitely benefit you.
A road/cx/MTB  bike fit is £65 and takes approximately 90 mins. 
A TT/triathlon fit is £80 and takes approximately 90 - 120mins.
A second bike or a refit is £40. 
Every bike fit client receives a full written report and continuing advice and support post fit. 
If you would like more information or to book a fit then please use the contact form here and we will get in touch.

"Absolutely love visiting Nev at Velo Culture for my bike fits, great guy who no matter what bike I'm riding, he manages to put me In a position which is more comfortable, more aero, producing more watts than when I walked through the door. Leaving me super motivated to train in my new position, Genius at work"         Mark-Triathlete