Our Tubes


Every tube that we upcycle has been ridden, (hopefully for many happy miles)  and punctured then saved for us by lovely folks such as yourselves or by workshops and trail centres.
They're then sent on to us where they get cut open, washed, dried then stitched or cut into panels depending upon what they are to become.



If you would like to send us some tubes or become a collection point please get in touch using the contact form. All we ask is that they aren't slime or sealant filled and if possible just snipped at the valve to let the air out. We use most tubes as a full length so if they are cut anywhere else we can't use them as effectively and more waste is created.


From 2020 we have also partnered with Velorim UK meaning none of our tube scraps go to waste and landfill. They are now all recycled which is another huge step to us becoming zero waste.